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Pig Pellets Advanced 25kg

FREE Delivery to Townsville Suburbs within 24 Business Hours (Deliveries Mon-Fri) A complete feed for growing pigs and sows.

Product details

A complete feed for growing pigs and sows.

Min. Crude Protein 16.00% Min. Calcium (Ca) 0.90%
Min. Crude Fat 3.00% Min. Phosphorus (P) 0.60%
Max. Crude Fibre 7.50% Max Salt (NaCI) 0.50%

Min. Ferrous Iron (Fe++) 100.0 mg/kg Min. Vitamin A 12,000.00 iu/kg
Min. Manganese (Mn) 50.00mg/kg Min. Vitamin E 35.00 mg/kg
Min. Zinc (Zn) 120.00 mg/kg Min. Vitamin D3 3000.00 iu/ kg
Min. Iodine (I) 1.0 mg/kg Min. Vitamin B1 1.00 mg/kg
Min. Cobalt (Co) 0.50 mg/kg Min. Vitamin B2 4.00 mg/kg
Min. Selenium (Se) 0.2 mg/kg Min. Vitamin B6 1.00 mg/kg
Min. Copper (Cu) 10.0 mg/kg Min. Vitamin B12 0.015 mg/kg
Min. Molybdenum (Me) 0.50 mg/kg Min. Niacin 20.0 mg/kg
Min. Chromium (Cr) 0.2 mg/kg Min. Biotin 0.20 mg/kg
Min. Pantothenic Acid 8.00 mg/kg
Min. Folic Acid 0.50 mg/kg
Feed free choice to growing pigs and lactating sows. Limit intake of dry sows to control body weight.
Ensure fresh, clean drinking water is available at all times.


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