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Hygain Showtorque

Hygain Showtorque is not only a low dose, high fat, cereal grain free feed, that promotes lean muscle mass development, on top of all that it also enhances hoof growth and coat shine.

Hygain Honey B

Hygain Honey B is a micronized sweet feed designed by nature and buzzing with natural goodness. Hygain Honey B is a cool, high fibre, low GI feed designed to meet thr nutritional needs of horses and ponies being spelled or in light to moderate work.

Hygain Ice

Hygain Ice is a high fibre, low starch, fortified pellet scientifically formulated to provide cool slow release energy for calm conditioning and healthy gut function. Approved by the Laminitis Trust and suitable for all equine activities.

Hygain TruBreed

Hygain TruBreed is an extruded feed designed to match the complex feeding management of stallions, pregnant and lactating mares and growing horses.

Hygain TruGain

Hygain TruGain is a safe (slow release) and effective extruded high fat supplement, providing your horse with a cool energy source with bio-available Vitamin E and Selenium.

Hygain TruCare

HYGAIN TRU CARE® provides a balanced diet of highly digestible fibre, fat and carbohydrates along with essential vitamins and minerals specifically developed to meet the nutritional requirements of mature horse/pony (6 yo +) when in work, at rest or enjoying retirement.

Hygain Zero

Do you have a horse that is prone to Laminitis, cushings, Equine Metabolic Syndrome, Tying Up, Insulin Resistance or Obesity? Then do not wait and start feeding Hygain Zero, the low starch and low sugar complete horse feed today!

Hygain Balanced

Balanced is a pelleted all-round, low dose balancer feed concentrate.

Hygain Fibre Essentials

Hygain Fibre Essentials is a revolutionary fibre source suitable for all equines

Hygain Micrbeet

Hygain Micrbeet is high in soluble fibre and low in sugar, suitable for all equines regarless of age and use.
(10 items) 1 page

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