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Poultry Feeder Dine A Chook 4KG

Excellent quality feeders helping to keep food fresher for longer

Product details

* A True "NO WASTE FEEDER" - A statement not made lightly. Dine A Chook products, ensure that wasted feed is a thing of the past!
* Unique, patent pending, commercial silo inspired feed delivery method. A vertical divider controls sideways thrashing and a horizontal paddle prevents birds from raking out the feed. The depth of feed is adjustable.
* No glue used - All parts of our Chicken Feeders and Drinkers snap together and are completely watertight
* Moulded hooks 'Patent Pending'. Our feeder has hooks moulded into the body. No rust and no screws = no more potential leak points, parts that may work loose.
* Unique, patent pending lid with carry handle.
* Patent pending gutter system. Protecting the feed during rain and storms
* Made from long life PVC.
* Heavy-duty steel brackets. Made to fit the poultry feeder and waterer perfectly.

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