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Prime Lucerne Chaff Warrick Sprengers

FREE Delivery to Townsville Suburbs within 24 Business Hours (Deliveries Mon-Fri) Prime Lucerne Chaff is easier to digest that hay and easier to measure out and great for mixing feed together. Warrick or Sprengers are the Market Leaders when it comes to chaff.

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Chaff is produced by chopping up the hay into smaller pieces. This make it easier for feed it set quantities, good for mixing other products with and less mess than traditional hay bales. It is also easier to digest than hay so it is great for young ones and older horses. Now there is chaff and there is chaff. A common practice is to use the old hay that has not sold and turn it into chaff. You end up with a staulky, dusty chaff with quite a brown colour to it. The best way to make the best chaff is to use the best quality hay that has been stored for 2 weeks, then cut it with a steam cutter. This reduces the dust and holds the moisture contest, you end up with a very clean green fresh smelling chaff with heaps of leaf content. Warrick Chaff Mill are the experts at this process and consistently deliver a better product than any other company.

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