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With the school holidays fast approaching, and the warmer weather re-awakening the urge for a weekend adventure away, it is time to begin the planning and preparation to make these trips as safe and enjoyable as possible.
But for many families this will also be decision time for their beloved pets. They are an important part of the family but not all destinations were designed with them in mind and, therefore, a safe and preferably enjoyable alternative is required.
Pet Sitters Townsville While kennels and catteries have been the standard care option for many years, one of the fastest growing alternatives within the pet care industry is 'Pet Sitting'. Well established in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom, and growing in popularity within Australia, Pet Sitting has reached professional status with many Pet Sitters now holding industry related qualifications and skills in veterinary nursing, animal behaviour, and pet First Aid.

While some animals will adapt to a kennel environment, and indeed some are very content to stay there, it is quite common for many animals to experience high levels of stress in this new environment and disruption to their eating habits and routines.
It has been shown that many animals are happier and more comfortable staying in their familiar home environment with a regular, reliable care giver.
So what does a Pet Sitter do?
And how do you choose the right one for you and your pet/s?
The first step is to do some homework. The internet is a fabulous tool and offers a great deal of information on Pet Sitting. Check locally! Although websites are an important part of modern business, good old fashioned 'word of mouth' is still the best and most trusted referral out there!

Then arrange a meet 'n' greet interview with your prospective Pet Sitter to discuss the needs of your pet and the services you require. This interview is obligation free and often at no charge. This is your opportunity to get to know your potential Pet Sitter and check their credentials. What are their qualifications and experience? Do they have affiliations with Pet Sitting organisations/networks?

Do they contribute to other animal organisations or charities? Do they know the local area? Do you like them? And do your pets like them? Are they insured and police checked and able to display this? For added peace of mind, a professional pet sitter should always hold public liability insurance which includes the all-important 'care, custody and control' cover. This protects you from the costs of unexpected accidents to your pet /by your pet, or to your property while your pet is in the Pet Sitters care, custody and control!                                                                                             
Pet Sitting Townsville Pet Sitting Townsville Pet Sitting Townsville
Service options will often extend beyond the daily care, feeding, cleaning, and cuddles for your pet to also include dog walking, mail collection, rubbish collection, and the maintenance of household plants, and pools.
Professional Pet Sitters will record this information with all the details of the animals to be included in the Pet Sit visit. Then a 'Service Agreement' is signed by the relevant parties. You will need to discuss your pet/s veterinary details with your pet Sitter, and a Veterinary Release form should be signed enabling emergency veterinary care for your pet/s if required.

A regular, daily Pet Sitting service also provides the added security of having someone check your home on a daily basis, and be a presence in and around your property while you are away. So it is also worth considering if your Pet Sitter advertises on their vehicle during a visit to your home.

Signage is a big part of any business, but removable advertising is available and should be the security conscious choice for the professional Pet Sitter.

Another important factor in deciding which pet care option will suit your needs is cost. As a pets' home is literally their castle, their accommodation is already taken care of. So the costs are therefore significantly reduced, particularly if you have 2 or more pets. While a kennel will charge per pet, a pet sitter will charge per visit. And ultimately your pet remains in the comfort and safety of its 'castle'… awaiting your safe return.

The welfare and comfort of your special pet is the priority, and pet owners will know the best option for their particular animals. While most kennels are certainly of a high standard these days and perfectly suitable for some animals, not all animals are the same. And not everyone can afford kennel rates for 2 or more animals. It is important to have options, understand them and know how to get the best outcome for your pet and your peace of mind! Once you find the Pet Sitter that ticks all the boxes, you will rediscover the freedom of guilt-free holidays and the assurance that comes with knowing your home and precious pets are safe and secure. Happy Holidaying!                                                                                      
Pet Sitting Townsville
8 GREAT REASONS TO CHOOSE: Whiskers and Walkers Pet Sitting
· Passionate and Professional Pet Sitting you can trust
· Qualified Veterinary Nurse
· Fully Insured & Police Checked
· Member of Pet Sitters International (PSI) & Network of Professional Pet Carers (NPPC)
· Free 'Meet 'n' Greet' interview with you and your pets
· Home services & security checks included
· As a Lens Feed Shed V.I.P customer, you get 10% off your first Pet Sitting service.
· "Your Local Pet Sitter. Caring for Local Pets." Bluewater, Saunders Beach & Toomulla
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Pet Sitting Townsville Pet Sitting Townsville
Whiskers and Walkers Pet Sitting

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