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Did you know that the dog food
you feed your dog could add
5 years to his or her life?

Now that you know... ...what will you do about it?
Please read this important information.

Hi there,

The Winter Olymics have been all over the TV lateley and it got me thinking about some of the great achieverments of some of our best friends (our dogs). So I had a bit of a poke around and guess what I found..... 

The oldest dog in the world was in fact an Aussie. He lived to a ripe old age of 29 years and
4 months and Died in 1939. He was an Australian Cattle Dog and you can probably guess his
name. Yep, Bluey. Are they all called Bluey? 

So, Aussie! Aussie! Aussie! Oi! Oi! Oi! 

Now there is a serious side to Bluey's story. How is it that Bluey lived to such a grand old age
when the average lifespan of dogs in Australia is 16 years. And the scary part is that we usually
follow American trends and thier average is only 11 years. Ouch! 

So what is causing such a short lifespan in our loved ones, and what can we do to keep your dog
from being part of these statistics?  

A lot of research is being done all around the world and they are all returning the same answer. There is one area of a dogs life that has the biggest effect on thier longevity, and thier owners now have the power to change the statistics. That one area is their Diet! 

Yes, we have taken the junk food concept of the human world and we are inflicting it upon our furry friends.
The pet food industry is very similar to the human food industry, in that lots of marketing dollars are spent on advertising junk food. The more we consume, the more health problems we have, and the shorter our lives. 

Even people who want to do the right thing and feed healthy food, get so confused by all the options available. There are over 1700 different products out there, which ones are good, and which are bad. There is no way to easily identify the best ones, and how to work out who is telling you the truth and what is just hype.... 

Until now... 

Because this is a matter close to our own hearts, we have created an easy to follow book to help everyday dog lovers to choose the best food for thier dog and thier situation. It is called "How to save his life" and takes you through the process of finding foods that will increase your dogs lifespan by up to 5 years.  

It also covers dangerous foods on our dinner plates, tips to managing fussy eaters, the best places to buy food and of course a heap of tips and strategies to save you money on your dog food bill. 

So why should you beleive what we say. I am glad you asked. Well the answer is simple. I sell dog food for a living. I have not only had over 10 years experience in finding suitable dog food solutions for customers, I also I own 2 successful retail stores and teach other people how to as well. So I am not some fly by night internet guru selling stuff they don't even write.
I have even put in a few trade secrets that the manufactureres, and other pet stores, don't want you to know about. And you might have guessed that I am an Aussie. In this book we discuss products in Australian shops. If you are not in Australia, that's OK, because you can use the theory and apply it the the products available in your country.

So how much is the book? $27

...and even more importantly how much is it worth. Well, one of the strategies I teach you in this book is how to get a free bags of dog food. Each time you use it you save. Now if you buy $10 bags of dog food, that's a $10 saving, if you buy $100 bags, then you are way ahead. Now that is just one, there is another just like it. Another strategy I show will blow these two out of that water.

And of course you will add years to the life of your dog.
Only you know how much that is worth.

How fast can I get a copy. Instantly. This is and electronic book, which means it gets delivered to your computer in a matter of seconds and you read it on your computer. You can print it if you prefer to read it while your watching TV, and the file stays on your computer forever so you can go back to it time after time.

Now if you have never bought anything on the internet before or are a bit nervous about it, don't worry. Your credit card details are not given to us, they go straight to the bank, and the bank pays us. And if you have used ebay before and have a Paypal account, you can pay with that as well. And if you are still worried, you can pay in person at one of our stores, over the phone or by direct deposit. Simply send us an email with your name, phone number and the best time to call.
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