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Hi There!

We are in the process of writing an ebook to teach people
how to choose the best food for your dog and add up to 5 years to his life!

But I need your help to finish it. You see I have put most of it together, but I want to make sure I have all the answer people need to know. And seeing as you are a real customer with real questions, who better to ask.

To show you how important your questions are to me, I am willing to send you a
FREE copy of what we have so far, so you can still get started straight away. I would also really appreciate any honest feedback (positive or Negative) you have about the book.

Simply pop in your name, email and your most pressing questions about dog food, and click on submit.

Our computer will send you an email with the download link, just as though you paid for the product.

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Dog Food Question 2
Dog Food Question 3

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