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Bonnie Working Dog

* High energy formula specially suited for highly active adult dogs, large breed working dogs and greyhounds
*Made from real kangaroo meat - high in protein and low in fat - and other high quality, essential ingredients
* Packed full of energy for dogs on the go
* With extra vitamin E, to protect hard working muscles
* Complete and balanced meal
* No need for supplements, which makes Bonnie easy to use
* No added artificial colours or flavours
* Available in 20kg bags Protein: 22% Fat: 14%

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Enduro Dog Food

Enduro Full Boar

Enduro Full Boar is a product dedicated to the specific nutritional needs of hunting dogs. Hunting dogs are athletes usually of formidable size. Due to their size and high activity levels, a specifically formulated fuel is essential for these high performance animals. Enduro Full Boar has the levels of proteins required to repair muscles broken down during hard work and higher fat to replace lost energy {calories}, ensuring your dog is always kept in its peak condition. This product is designed specifically for hunting dogs, which are constantly exerting high levels of physical exercise that can sometimes last for hours at a time.
Enduro Full Boar is highly palatable and is a complete nutritionally balanced meal that is easily digested by your hunting dog. The amount of food the hunting dog can consume should be controlled as excessive consumption can limit their performance. It is therefore important that the meal provides all the essential nutrients required. Enduro Full Boar delivers these nutrients in smaller meal portions.
Enduro Full Boar uses kangaroo meat as its number one ingredient. Kangaroo meat is one of the leanest meats available which is rich in protein and low in fat. Enduro Full Boar has a perfect ratio of protein and fat to sustain the continual physical activity levels of hunting dogs. Enduro Full Boar has the correct proportions of vitamins and minerals to cover all nutritional needs as well as having balanced Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids to help maintain a healthy skin and shiny coat. Enduro Full Boar contains no fillers but only highly digestible quality ingredients.
Vitamin E is used as a preservative and antioxidant to promote a healthy immune system in the dog. Enduro Full Boar contains canola oil and is a complete meal for your hunting dog; maximize their performance and ensuring that they are always in peak condition for the hunt

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Cobber Dog Food

Cobber Working Dog

High energy formula for working dogs.

* Complete and balanced nutrition-keeps working dogs in peak condition
* High energy content - gets your dog through a full day's work, with top performance
* High level of protein from beef & chicken meat-required for muscle strength and development.
* Vitamins, Minerals & Essential Fats-helps to maintain healthy skin and a shiny coat
* Crunchy, bone shape pieces - helps to maintain healthy gums and strong teeth
* Formulated to taste great-free from artificial flavour and colour

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Uncle Alber's Tasty Beef & Chicken

Uncle Alber's is a complete and balanced diet for your dog. No other foods or supplements are required to be fed apart from clean, fresh water.

The quality recipe and exacting nutritional specifications of Uncle Alber's ensures that your dog receives essential nutrients that are required to maintain health and vitality.

Uncle Alber's is higher in protein and contains considerably less water than either fresh meat or canned dog food and is balanced for other essential nutrients such as fat, fibre, calcium, phosphorus, vitamins and minerals.

22kg Bag
Protein 28%
Fat 14%

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