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Frozen Meat

If you like to feed raw meat or make your own feeds we have a great selection of meats:

Beef & Roo Mix 1kg & 5kg
Chicken Mince 1kg & 5kg
Chicken & Roo 1kg & 5kg
Roo Mince 1kg & 5kg
Steak & Kidney 1kg & 5kg
Puppy Mince Fine 20L (weights may vary)

(5kg bags contain 5 x 1kg blocks, 20L bag contains 16 blocks of varying weights)

Buy Frozen Meats here

Dog Meat and Bones

Frozen Meat & Bones

If you want to treat your dog, check out these favourites:

Beef Brisket Bones 1.5kg & 5kg bags
Beef Shin Bone Halved - these are huge
Roo Tail Bones 1.5kg & 5kg bags - most popular

Buy Frozen Bones Here

Liver Treats for Dogs

Liver Treats

Most dogs (and cats) love liver treats because they are very tasty. They are often used by dog trainers because they are so effective at getting the dog to do what you want. They are also used by vets to treat your dog after an injection and the thermometer up the bum. (really guys - 1 little treat after that??)

Buy Liver Treats
Baked Bones Dog Treats

Baked Bones Dog Treats

These are great crunchy treats for dogs and they come in different colours and flavours so you can find out which one is his favourite

Buy Baked Snack Bones Here


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