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Eukanuba Cat Food

Eukanuba Indoor Weight Control & Hairball Relief

Recommended for adult cats that live exclusively indoors.

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Product Description:

* Chicken is the #1 Ingredient Wholesome chicken provides protein needed for your cat's strength and agility
* Advanced Fiber system: Special fiber blend to control and help reduce your cat's hairballs
* Natural Taurine: Taurine is required to maintain a cat's strong heart and healthy eyes
* Skin Essential Oils: Optimal balance of Omega-6 and Omega-3 for promoting healthy skin and lustrous coat
* Complete and Balanced for Adult Cats: With 100% recommended levels of key nutrients, vitamins and minerals to work with your cat's natural defenses

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IAMS Cat Food

Iams® Hairball Care™

Recommended for adult cats one year and older; hairball control.

Product Information
Iams® Hairball Care helps reduce the risk of hairball formation with a patent-pending fibre system that gently moves hair through the digestive tract. Like all Iams formulas, it helps maintain healthy digestion and colon health. Enhanced with vitamin-rich fish oils for overall health, Iams Hairball Care promotes a healthy skin and coat to help control hairball formation. Our patented carbohydrate system helps supply energy for a healthy level of activity throughout the day.

Now with Iams Daily Dental Care.
As your cat chews, Iams Daily Dental Care helps slow tartar build-up by up to 40%.

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