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Keep your chickens fed and watered with these automatic chicken feeders and chicken waterers. These feeders and drinkers come in a variety of sizes, depending on how many hens or chickens you have. Fill up the feeders and waterers so you can go away for the weekend. They also keep your pen clean and reduce wasted feed. Click on this link to see how much your chickens will eat or drink.
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Chicken Feeders

Our Plastic Chicken Feeders come in a variety of sizes 1.5kg, 3kg, 5kg, 8kg, and 15kg. We also have the option of an added lid on the 3kg and 5kg sizes.


-Ability to hang feeder with a rotating inner rod
-Same high quality as the poultry drinkers
-Segregations (individual feed compartments) around feed pan help reduce the amount of seed being flicked out by the birds
-Designed with a special wing nut allows the adjustment of feed flow
-Solid and heavy galvanised metal parts
-UV stabilised ( we still recommend keeping in the shade as best you can)
-Available in various sizes.

To buy one of our high quality Chicken Feeders click HERE

Galvanised Chicken Feeder and Drinker

The galvanised chicken feeders and drinkers make a great addition to any poultry lovers set up. The galvanised feeders and drinkers are super strong and sturdy and will hold up to our Tropical Australian climate better. Our galvanised chicken feeders and drinkers can still be hung up using the attached hooks.
Out galvanised feeder and waterer come in a bigger 9kg / 9L size keeping your chickens happier for longer.

To purchase Galvinised Feeder or Drinker click here
Poultry Waterer, Dine a chook, waterer, drinker

Poultry Feeder Dine A Chook 4KG

* A True "NO WASTE FEEDER" - A statement not made lightly. Dine A Chook products, ensure that wasted feed is a thing of the past!
* Unique, patent pending, commercial silo inspired feed delivery method. A vertical divider controls sideways thrashing and a horizontal paddle prevents birds from raking out the feed. The depth of feed is adjustable.
* No glue used - All parts of our Chicken Feeders and Drinkers snap together and are completely watertight
* Moulded hooks 'Patent Pending'. Our feeder has hooks moulded into the body. No rust and no screws = no more potential leak points, parts that may work loose.
* Unique, patent pending lid with carry handle.
* Patent pending gutter system. Protecting the feed during rain and storms
* Made from long life PVC.
* Heavy-duty steel brackets. Made to fit the poultry feeder and waterer perfectly.

To purchase a Dine A Chook Feeder click here
1.3L Chicken Waterer / Drinker

1.3L Chicken Waterer / Drinker

The 1.3L Chicken waterer is the smallest one available, which makes it perfect for using with baby chicks and young chicks. The shallow catchments helps to prevent drowning and stops birds from hoping in their water and getting cold.

To buy a 1.3L Chicken waterer click here

2.5L Chicken Waterer/ Drinker

The 2.5L Chicken waterer is the only Ball drinkers with built in extendable legs to raise the drinker off the ground. Alternately, the ball drinkers can at ground level with ability to fold the legs under the drinker

To buy a 2.5L Chicken Waterer/ drinker click here
4L Chicken Waterer / Drinker

Chicken Waterer / Drinker

Our Chicken Waterer/drinkers come in a variety of sizes 1.3L, 2.5L, 4L, 6.5L and 12L.
They are strong and sturdy and UV Stabilised to help them withstand the Aussie Climate.
The larger volume waterers also feature a higher neck to keep birds with larger combs comfortable when drinking. Our Chicken waterers also feature a strong metal handle so you can hang them up in the coop as well.

To purchase a chicken waterer/ drinker click here
4L Poultry Waterer / Drinker , Dine a chook

Poultry Waterer Dine A Chook 4L Twin Cup

Dine A Chook Poultry Twin Cup waterer features:
*Australian Made and Owned
*Super Strong Molded Rear Hooks
*Lock on Lid
*Carry handle
*No Algae
*All Cups and Nipples are top quality
*Made of Long life PVC

To buy the Dine A Chook Poultry waterer click here
Poultry Waterer / Drinker , Poultry cup drinker

Poultry Waterer Cup Drinker

The Poultry Waterer Cup Drinkers come in a single drinker and double drinker variety.
This quality drinker is suitable for hydrating 6-8 birds. Ready to install in a 10, 15 or 20 Litre Drum


Top Quality PVC Fittings - Patent Pending Design
High Quality German made Cup - This genuine 'Lubing' Cup is the best money can buy. It also features our 'Exclusive' upgraded floats

3/4" Male BSP Thread - 99% of drums on the market have this thread. You may need to drill out the bung hole on your drum before installing this fitting

Once deployed, this system is virtually hands-free - the only need is to refill the water container with fresh water as the levels decrease.

To buy a Poultry Waterer Cup Drinker click here

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