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Frontline Plus for Cats

Frontline Plus for Cats

FRONTLINE PLUS contains two active ingredients to break the flea life cycle at every stage. One ingredient, fipronil, kills the adult fleas on your pet while the other ingredient, (S)-methoprene, kills flea eggs and prevents larval and pupal development. (S)-methoprene prevents fertile flea eggs being laid throughout the month, preventing reinfestation of your pet and contamination of your home environment.
Fleas can breed all year round so ensure you continue to treat your pet in winter to achieve the best flea control. Frontline Plus When applied correctly, Frontline Plus remains active on the skin of your pet for one month. Treat all of your dogs and cats every month with Frontline Plus. Use the stickers in the pack to record the treatment dates on your calendar and sign up for the Frontline Plus reminder service to help you remember when your pet's treatment is due. (For paralysis tick control in cats, use FRONTLINE SPRAY every 3 weeks.)

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Frontline Spray for Cats

Frontline Spray

Tick control for cats and dogs
For brown dog tick control on cats and dogs, apply Frontline Spray every month
Frontline Spray should be used in conjunction with environmental measures
For paralysis tick control on cats and dogs, apply Frontline Spray every three weeks

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Fidos Everyday Shampoo

Fido's Everyday Shampoo

Soap free and hypoallergenic Suspends soil in the coat for easy rinsing Moisturises the skin and hair Genuine Fido's Fragrance (GFF)provides a pleasant perfume Use it as often as you would use your own shampoo Suitable for use with long term flea control products

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Fidos Flea Shampoo

Fido's Flea Shampoo

Pleasant smelling, soap free shampoo Controls fleas and ticks on dogs, cats, puppies and kittens Contains the natural insecticide pyrethrin

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Fidos fre-itch rinse concentrate

Fido's Fre-Itch Rinse Concentrate

Contains the natural insecticide Pyrethrin for flea and tick control (including the paralysis tick) Can be poured diluted onto the coat after shampooing with any of the Fido's shampoos Widely used in hydrobaths

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