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Premium Fine, fast dissolving pool salt 20kg

Olssons Premium, fine, fast dissolving Pool Salt is the hassle free way to introduce salt and helps to reduce the chance of staining.

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Stabilised Pool Chlorine

Controls bacteria, viruses and algae in swimming pools. This product is stabilised to increase the longevity of chlorine in outdoor pools.
*Fast Dissolving
*Fully soluble
*UV blockout for longer lasting protection

Available sizes are 2kg, 4kg or 10kg in handy resealable containers for easy storage.

Buy Stabilised Pool Chlorine Now

Stabilised Pool Chlorine Tablets

Controls bacteria, viruses and algae in swimming pools. This product is stabilised to increase the longevity of chlorine in outdoor pools.

*Pre-measured slow dissolve tablets
*Built-in algaecide & clarifier
*UV blockout for longer lasting protection
*Ideal for once a week application, holiday use
*100% soluble (no residue)

Buy Stabilised Pool Chlorine Tablets

Hydrochloric Acid

Liquid Pool Acid will lower the pH and total alkalinity in swimming pools and spas.
FEATURES: Minimum available Concentration is 370g/L No residue Hydrochloric (Muriatic) Acid BENEFITS: For lowering the pH and Total Alkalinity in swimming pools and spas Fast acting pH reducer Consistent high quality

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Alkalinity Increaser ( PH Buffer)

Alkalinity Up Increases pH and Total Alkalinity in swimming pools.
BENEFITS: Stabilises pH level Essential for swimmer comfort
Dosage Rate: 200g will raise the Total Alkalinity by 10ppm per 10,000 Litres
Pour directly into water prior to use or mix in a bucket of water as per the label instructions. Dosage rates indicated are a guide only.
Buy Alkalinity Increaser

UV Blockout (Sunscreen)

Protects pool chlorine from UV rays.
BENEFITS: Fast dissolving.
Less chlorine is lost to UV light

Buy UV Blockout

Ezy Clarifier

Power Clarifier Liquid Clears very cloudy pool water.
*Fast acting
*Easy to use
*Ultra concentrate
*Improves filtration efficiency

Buy Ezy Clarifier Now

Sparkle Clarifier Tablet

Easy to use, fast acting clarifier tablet, gets your pool back to it's sparkly best

Long Life Algaecide (Blackspot)

Controls algae in swimming pools.
*1 application every 3 months
*Long lasting
*Ideal winter treatment

Buy Long life algaecide now

Filter Socks

Protect your expensive pump and filter by using these fliter sox. Simply pop your skimmer basket inside the sock and it will collect all the leaves, sticks, lollies etc before they get to you equipment. Pack of 5 made from tough nylon.

Buy Filter Socks

Floating Tablet Dispenser

This is the easiest way to maintain small pools by using weekly stabilised pool tablets in this floating dispenser. No need to add daily chlorine and keeps tablets safely away from kids. They are ajustable to suit the size of your pool.

Buy Tablet Dispenser

Pool Broom

Make cleaning a breeze with this large 45cm pool broom. Great for cleaning algae or removing light stains.

Flexible Vacuum Head

A weighted flexible vacuum head with wheels suitable for marble sheen, tiled or pebble inground pools.

Leaf Rake

The deep net and fine netting are useful for removing leaves and debris from beaneath the surface of your swimming pool. The rake is lightweight and has a strong alumium frame. There is also a squeegee strip to help pick things up from the bottom and sides.

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